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Tips for selling an agricultural or livestock property

Selling an agricultural or livestock farm at a respectable price requires effort, diligence and objective and precise marketing. It can be easy to assume that your farm will easily sell as is, but presentation and information matter.

Presentation. Properties with well-organized equipment, good access, margins and clean, rubbish-free corners indicate to buyers that every aspect of the farm or farm is cared for and organized to the maximum. Cleanliness attracts quality and motivated buyers. Other aspects such as the removal of waste piles, preventing grass or weeds from becoming too large, repairing fences, or disposing of unused equipment are small things that contribute to the maximum valuation. The buyer usually assumes that if the external appearance of the farm is first class, the rest of the components are also first class.

Information. Have your operation, income and expenses account prepared for the last three years. It is also important to have ready cadastral data of the property, the data of the Land Registry and check the correspondence between these data and the real surface, the intermediary agent will help you with all this. Other useful information can be irrigation rights, receipt from the irrigation community, IBI receipt, easements, if any, crop rotations, water consumption… Also, in the case of livestock farms, the Livestock Manure Management Plan and the Environmental License are essential. Buyers will move faster if we have this information.

Intermediary agent. An intermediary agent with knowledge of the sector and the market will help you prepare and organize all the information. You pay him to maximize the value of your property and you need to look for the right person. The competition of the intermediary can carry out the real estate transaction without problems or can cause it to break completely. Buyers and their representatives want to be able to trust the transaction broker, and this usually means timely and accurate data along with effective communication.