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Documents to take into account when selling a livestock farm in Catalonia

Our long experience tells us that when it comes to selling a livestock farm in Catalonia, to facilitate and expedite the transaction, it is important to have the following documentation prepared:

As essential:

  1. Property deed: It is essential to have an up-to-date property deed in order, proving ownership over the operation.
  2. Land Registry Simple Note. To check that the property is registered in the Registers and if the buildings are also registered, as well as if there are charges, mortgages, etc.
  3. Cadastral File or Certification: Where surfaces, constructions, uses, etc. are recorded. It is important to check the correspondence between the data contained in the Cadastre and those contained in the Land Registry
  4. Register of livestock farms: Registration in the Register of livestock farms of Catalonia is an essential requirement. You must provide the Data Sheet showing the registration number (Official Trademark or REGA Code).
  5. Licenses and permits: Depending on the activity of the farm, it is necessary to have ready the Activity License and necessary permits, such as authorizations for livestock activity.
  6. Management Plan for Livestock Manure. It is a document that specifies the treatment and use that will be made of livestock manure.
  7. Documentation proving that you are up to date with payment for supplies: Electricity bill, water bill, etc.

Also advisable:

  1. Accounting and tax documentation: Prepare documentation relating to operation-related income, expenses and taxes, such as IBI receipts or Personal Income Tax returns
  2. Valuations or technical reports: It is interesting to have technical reports that evaluate the state of the facilities, infrastructures and the capacity of the operation, especially in the case of constructions.
  3. Environmental documentation: It may be interesting to present information on the environmental management of the farm, such as recovery plans or environmental impact studies.
  4. Documentation on grants and subsidies: If the farm has received public aid or subsidies, the corresponding documentation must be prepared.
  5. Information on rights of first refusal and withdrawal: Make sure you consider the legal requirements regarding rights of first refusal and withdrawal that may affect the sale of the farm.

Having all these documents prepared and in order will greatly facilitate the process of selling your livestock farm in Catalonia, and will ensure that the transaction is carried out in a satisfactory way for all parties involved.