As owners or business owners in the agri-livestock sector, you often come across times when important business decisions need to be made. That is why, from Agroinversions Minguet, we offer you our services in case you find yourself in one of the following situations:

  • You want to grow by buying other companies or complementary holdings.
  • You want to sell your agro-livestock company due to lack of succession or due to the pressure of an increasingly competitive environment.
  • You want to opt for a merger or incorporation of a new partner as a business growth or diversification strategy.

Do you want to buy or invest in the agri-food sector?

The agri-food sector is attractive not only for professionals in the sector but also for external investors. If you want to invest in the agricultural or agri-food sector you have several options, but if you need professional advice, we recommend that you trust someone who knows the sector and the market well and who is known and recognized.

If you trust us, we will look for you those business opportunities that suit your needs.

  • We have the widest base of contacts in the agricultural world of Catalonia.
  • We deploy the best marketing tools on the market today.
  • We make the selection of the best options.
  • We negotiate skillfully to offer you the best prices .
  • We prepare the Letter of Intent .
  • We manage the Due Diligence (purchase audit).
  • We do the ROI analysis.

We don’t just have the properties that appear on the web. We have a wide variety of properties to choose from and, if we don’t have what you need in our portfolio, we’ll find it for you . We recommend that you call us and have a personal conversation to see the characteristics of the property you wish to buy, uses, dimensions, locations, investment to be made.

Agroinversions Minguet will always start from your needs and your wishes, creating a personalized plan to obtain maximum satisfaction in your purchase.

Do you want to sell your Rustic Farm or your Agribusiness?

Finding the most suitable buyer is not always easy. It is a task that requires a great deal of time and more than a headache. This is where the role of a professional advisor comes in handy. That’s why, if you trust us:

  • We carry out a professional valuation of the property you want to sell and help you set the right price.
  • We develop the most appropriate marketing plan for each occasion.
  • We draw up the necessary documents : blind sheet, sales notebook, confidentiality agreement, lease agreement…
  • We select the potential interested buyers.
  • We show the property and negotiate with potential buyers.
  • We accompany you at all times , until the signature of the public deed.

The road to selling your property can be long, and we will have to walk it together. You need someone you can trust , who guides you, who works together with you and with the same goal: to make the sale in the best possible conditions.

Mergers and acquisitions

The merger with another agri-food company , complementary in market and/or product, is an alternative that may be suitable to reach a larger dimension and to be more competitive , thanks to the synergies of income and/or costs .

In various situations, as a diversification strategy , it may be convenient to incorporate a minority partner who already has an operation with a different production orientation or in another market.

Sometimes it can be interesting to incorporate a financial partner that provides liquidity via capital expansion, with which it is possible to address those investments that are required: expansion of the exploitation, acquisition of new machinery, commercial expansion, among others

The sale of an agro-livestock company can be the best way to conclude a cycle at the head of a company, as it allows to transform the business heritage into liquid and guarantee the continuity of the activity and jobs.

For any of these types of transactions, at Agroinversions Minguet you will find someone you can trust, who can guide you and work together with you with the aim of finding the most suitable option .

Farmhouses, farmhouses and recreational estates

When we talk about farmhouses, we mean agricultural estates, with all their components. Farmhouses and farmhouses are the dwellings that tend to be integrated and are often indestructible elements of agricultural or livestock farming. They are also the goal of those families who want to live in a quieter environment and closer to nature.

When it is feasible to separate the farmhouse from the rest of the property, or when it is the most important element, that is when we can talk about buying and selling farmhouses or farmhouses . They tend to be very unique properties, with significant heritage value, and also interesting for creating new businesses, rural houses, restaurants…

We are also experts in managing the purchase and sale of this type of property and also small rustic estates with a tower or small house , ideal for resting and enjoying the weekends or holidays.