Cattle, Livestock exploitation

750 Calves – Segrià – RA133

Reference: RA133

Type of operation: sale

County: Segria

Total area: +/- 3Ha

Builded area: 3.375m²


Water: From the public electric grid and the Segarra-Garrigues canal.
Light: Diesel generator.
Current crop: The part not occupied by the farms is planted with olive trees.
Construction: 6 animal housing units + huts + barn + sheds + manure storage, etc.
Production capacity: 500 fattening calves and 250 breeding calves.
Reason for sale: Retirement

Opportunity in Bovine Livestock in Segrià: Full Yield Farming for 500 Calves and 250 Mamons for 430,000 Euros

Outstanding features:

  1. Complete infrastructure:
    • The property has several warehouses for housing livestock, auxiliary buildings and all the necessary equipment for an efficient bovine operation.
  2. Significant capacity:
    • With the capacity to house 500 fattening calves and 250 mammons, this farm provides large-scale bovine operation.
  3. Full operation:
    • The farm is currently in full swing, ensuring a smooth transition for the new owner.
  4. Strategic Location in Segrià:
    • Located in Segrià, the property enjoys a strategic location with convenient access to the main transport routes.

Opportunity for efficient livestock investment:

  • Guaranteed profitability with an operation in full performance.
  • Competitive sale price: 430,000 euros.

For more information or to arrange a visit, please contact us. This livestock farm is a unique opportunity for investors with an interest in the beef sector in Segrià.

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