Agricultural farm, Cattle, Country house, Dried fruit, warehouse

50 Ha – Country House for Sale – Bajo Cinca – Ref: AG119

Reference: AG119

Type of operation: sale

County: Low Five

Location: In the Municipal term of Fraga

Total area: +/- 50Ha

Builded area: 1800m²


Water: Own reservoir, and drip irrigation with double hose.
Light: public network
Current crop: 27 Ha of almond trees and 5 Ha of open land.
Construction: Villa of 240 m2, warehouses of 700 m2, cold room, reservoir and calf farm.
Production capacity: 80,000 kg of almonds in grain
Business volume: 400,000 euros
Reason for sale: Change of activity
Observations: Buildings : Chalet of 240 m2, warehouses of 700 m2, cold room, reservoir and calf farm for 120 places.

Complete Agricultural Opportunity in Bajo Cinca: 50 Hectares in total with Almond Trees, Own Reservoirs and Bovine Farm for 1,225,000 Euros

Welcome to this exceptional opportunity in the farm market in Bajo Cinca. We present a complete farm of 50 hectares, with 27 hectares already planted with almond trees and 5 hectares ready for new crops. With its own reservoirs and drip irrigation system, this property offers efficient water management. The farm also has houses, warehouses and a cattle farm. With a sale price of 1,225,000 euros, this property is an exceptional investment for those looking for a full farm in Bajo Cinca.


  • 50 hectares with 27 almond trees planted and 5 ready for new crops.
  • Own reservoirs and drip irrigation system.
  • Homes, warehouses and cattle farm.

Outstanding features:

  1. Efficient water management:
    • With its own reservoirs and drip irrigation, the property ensures efficient water management for crops.
  2. Variety of Crops:
    • 27 hectares of almond trees and 5 hectares ready for new crops offer an opportunity to expand agricultural production.
  3. Complete infrastructure:
    • Homes, warehouses and a cattle farm complete the infrastructure, allowing a comprehensive agricultural operation.
  4. Strategic Location in Bajo Cinca:
    • Located in Bajo Cinca, the property enjoys a strategic location with convenient access to the main transport routes.

Comprehensive agricultural investment opportunity:

  • Unique combination of crops, infrastructure and efficient water management.
  • Competitive sale price: 1,225,000 euros.

For more information or to arrange a visit, please contact us. This farm is an exceptional opportunity for forward-looking investors in Bajo Cinca.


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