Agricultural farm, Extension crops, Olive trees

112 Ha irrigated land – Campo de Belchite – Ref: AG102

Reference: AG102

Type of operation: sale

County: Field of Belchite

Location: Zaragoza

Total area: +/- 112Ha


Water: The property has a water concession, distributed among three interconnected wells that operate with the energy from solar plants.
Light: The property has two solar fields with capacities of 25 kW and 60 kW, respectively.
Current crop: 56 ha of intensive olive trees, remaining cereal.
Construction: The farm contains a set of buildings for daily agricultural work.
Observations: Buildings: The property contains a set of buildings for daily agricultural work.

🌿 Exceptional Irrigated Farm for Sale in Campo de Belchite! 🌞

We present a magnificent farm of 112 hectares of irrigated land located in the picturesque region of Campo de Belchite. This unique property is mostly planted with olive trees in an intensive system, guaranteeing a high quality and profitable production. With its own wells and solar energy, this farm offers sustainability and energy efficiency. All this for a total price of 2,800,000 euros! 💶

Outstanding features:

  • Area of the estate: 112 hectares of irrigated 🌱💧 land
  • Main crop: Olive trees planted in an intensive system, ensuring optimal production of olive 🌿🫒 oil
  • Water: Own wells that guarantee a continuous supply of water for irrigation 💦
  • Energy: Installed solar energy system, offering a sustainable and efficient ☀️🔋 energy solution

Unique advantages:

  • Location: Located in a renowned agricultural area with a favorable climate for the cultivation of olive trees 🗺️
  • Sustainability: Own wells and solar energy for environmentally 🌍 friendly management
  • Profitability: Intensive cultivation system that maximises the production and quality of olives 🫒🌟

Facilities and Infrastructures:

  • Own wells: Guaranteeing abundant water for irrigation of the entire farm 💧
  • Solar Energy: Installation of solar energy for energy self-sufficiency and cost ☀️🔋 reduction
  • Intensive System: Planting olive trees in intensive system for greater efficiency and productivity 🌿

Investment opportunity:

  • Price: An exceptional investment for 2,800,000 euros, with great potential for long-term 💶 profitability
  • Growth Potential: Possibilities for development and expansion of current operations, taking advantage of existing 📈 infrastructures

Do not miss this unique opportunity to invest in an irrigated farm with olive trees in an intensive system in the Campo de Belchite. Contact us today for more information and to schedule a visit! 📞📩

Invest in your passion for farming with this exceptional farm! 🌟

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