14 Reasons to invest in the agricultural sector in Catalonia

“Buy land, they don’t make any more.” – Mark Twain Investing in the agricultural sector can be a strategic and beneficial decision in the long term. Here are some of the main advantages of investing in this sector: In summary, investing in the agricultural sector in Catalonia can be a smart decision, given its economic […]

Living in the Countryside: Tranquility and Connection with Nature

If you’re considering a life change and have wondered if living in a country house is better than in the city, here are some reasons to consider this option. Rural life offers a different experience, full of benefits that could change your perspective: In short, living in a country house is an opportunity to connect […]

Urban trends driving demand for agricultural land: Opportunities for investors

In recent years, we have witnessed a growing phenomenon: the increase in demand for agricultural land driven by emerging urban trends. As cities expand and transform, there is an increasing need for agricultural land to meet various needs, from food to leisure. This change in the urban landscape has created a new paradigm for investors […]

Documents to take into account when selling a livestock farm in Catalonia

Our long experience tells us that when it comes to selling a livestock farm in Catalonia, to facilitate and expedite the transaction, it is important to have the following documentation prepared: As essential: Also advisable: Having all these documents prepared and in order will greatly facilitate the process of selling your livestock farm in Catalonia, […]

Essential Guide for Farm and Livestock Buyers: 10 Key Aspects to Consider

There are some fundamental factors that as a buyer you must take into account in your search for the perfect farm or ranch. As specialists in rural real estate, at Agroinversions Minguet we understand that this decision is crucial and we want to share some valuable guidance to help you in this important process. With […]

Farmland: a smart investment in times of uncertainty.

terres agrícoles

The agricultural sector is undergoing a dynamic change, characterized by rising costs of agricultural land, decreasing land supply, and challenging climatic conditions. Despite these complexities, agricultural estates remain an attractive and potentially lucrative investment. Prominent investors view these trends optimistically and anticipate a continued appreciation in the value of agricultural land. In recent years, there […]

Tips for selling an agricultural or livestock property

Selling an agricultural or livestock farm at a respectable price requires effort, diligence and objective and precise marketing. It can be easy to assume that your farm will easily sell as is, but presentation and information matter. Presentation. Properties with well-organized equipment, good access, margins and clean, rubbish-free corners indicate to buyers that every aspect […]

How to know when it’s time to sell your agricultural or livestock business.

The sale of a company/livestock farm can be the best way to conclude a cycle at the head of a company, since it allows the business assets to be transformed into liquidity and guarantees the continuity of activity and jobs. Thus, it is an alternative to consider, especially when:• The entrepreneur is not seeking family […]